Portable Toilet Rentals in Chetek, WI

Jiffy Biffy serves Northwest Wisconsin with all of your portable sanitation needs. Portable toilets are our only business, so we are always ready to be your johnny-on-the-spot with clean, friendly, and affordable service. We’ve served Chetek, WI, for more than 12 years, offering a variety of solutions for a variety of problems. We look forward to providing you with those options for your event, construction project site, or festival. 


We provide portable facilities for:

  • Construction Sites
  • Weddings, Graduations, Reunions, etc.
  • Festivals and Fairs
  • Parks, Campsites, Trails
  • Golf Courses

We have a variety of services to meet our customers’ needs, including:

  • Regular Units
  • Specialized Units
  • Handicap Accessible Units
  • Handwashing Stations
  • Servicing of Personal Units and Outhouses
portable toilet

Meeting All of Your Needs

As a well-established local business, Jiffy Biffy is dedicated to providing quality service for our area. With our porta potty solutions, you can ensure your venue has everything your customers need. Our portable toilets and portable lavatories are ADA-compliant so every member of our community has access to quality restrooms. We also ensure your rental units receive routine cleanings. There’s nothing worse than teeing off on the 6th hole with a rumbling in your stomach you can’t get rid of because the portable toilet hasn’t been serviced in months. We make sure to meet all of your needs.

Get the affordable portable toilet services you need today by working with our team. Contact Jiffy Biffy to request your free quote!