Helpful Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How many restrooms will I need?

The number of restrooms needed is based on the number of people attending, the duration of the event, if other facilities are available, and how often the units will be serviced. For single-day events with no other facilities, one unit will generally serve 50 people. For larger events, this chart will be helpful. On construction sites, a standard unit would be adequate for 10 employees working an eight- to nine-hour workday, five days per week, with one cleaning per week. For planning assistance, contact our office. We can come to your location to review your logistics and help you decide on the proper placement and number of units.

Where can I place my portable restroom?

Being able to place the bathroom in a convenient location is one of the benefits of using portable sanitation. The unit should be placed in a location that’s within a short walking distance for your guests/visitors and easy to find. The unit needs to be placed in a dry, level location and must be within 25 feet of a hard-surfaced driveway so our service truck can get to it to pump it.

What comes with my rental delivery?

The units we deliver are cleaned and sanitized before delivery. We stock each unit with hand sanitizer, deodorizer, and toilet paper at the time of delivery. You can add your own style to the rental with personal touches, such as:

  • Adding a floral arrangement
  • Adding fragrances
  • Adding accessories such as lotions, bug spray, or a magazine

Why should I use a portable restroom?

  • Portable restrooms can offer more convenient locations for sanitation facilities
  • Can reduce strain on a septic system
  • Help you avoid having to maintain cleanliness in your home’s bathroom
  • Provide an environmentally sound restroom alternative

How can I accommodate guests with special needs?

Not all restrooms are easily accessible for guests with special needs. ADA-approved portable restrooms offer the perfect solution in these situations.

How can I increase sanitation beyond restrooms at my event?

If your guests will be eating or your employees will be involved in the preparation and handling of food, you may want to consider providing a handwashing station. Call us to find out more information.

How do I keep my rental clean throughout the event?

The more portable restrooms you have to accommodate your guests, the cleaner each restroom will be. Jiffy Biffy offers a discount when we deliver more than one unit to a site. It is also important to keep a garbage can near the restroom for items such as used diapers, empty bottles, and aluminum cans.

What requirements are there for the winter season?

Since our service area has temperatures below 32° for several months of the year, we need to add a solution to the waste tanks to keep them from freezing during the winter. This solution consists of a salt-water mixture and is not harmful to the user. There is an extra charge for this solution.

If you are a business or organization that does not need to pay sales tax, we need this certificate on file in order to avoid paying sales tax.

Why should I have a portable toilet on my job site?

Portable toilets on your job site let your customers know that you are a professional. Your customers do not like their property to be used as a restroom. Don’t let your employees get caught with their pants down!

Off-site restrooms require employees to be absent for periods of time and can really take a toll on your job site’s efficiency. Productivity will improve with comfortable, clear-minded employees!

Regulations are in place to protect the environment and employee health.

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